Create an Ad on Facebook Fast

Here's how to quickly create on ad on Facebook.
Go to
Click on "Create an Ad" button at top right.

Advertise on Facebook:
-Page Post Engagement
for business page to run post as ad that shows in News Feed

-Clicks to Website
Insert a photo of something happy or pleasurable
-Choose Mobile News Feed
70% of FB ad traffic comes from mobile users and is cheaper
-Click Remove from Desktop News Feed
-Type in headline that is clear and descriptive
-Insert text that is conversational and explains where it goes

Target your visitors age...
-Create New Custom Audience by uploading an email list
Run split campaigns to test ads

Think of your competitors. Target and narrow.
Don't use as they are too broad

-Bid for clicks
-Pricing: Manually set maximum bid
Even bidding $1, may pay much less with good ad
(usually $.10-.30 per click)

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