5 Ways to Increase Facebook Traffic

Here are a few tips to increase "Likes" on FB.
Giveaways don't attract users who stay.

1. Ask a question...
Builds community.
-What should I do? Preferences?
Wondering How..? Want To..?

2. Share your life...
People like to know about you.
-Who are you?
Share something unrelated to your business.
-Insert Instagram posted photo into FB.

3. Share complimentary products...
-Share a photo of a product and link to it, but not in direct competition.
-Let person know that you shared their work.

4. Behind the scenes...
-Take photos while working.
-Post to Instagram and then FB.
Shows people your process and hard work that goes into your business.
Can combine with a question.

5. Facebook Fan Special...
-Offer 5-10% off a particular item or range of items
24 Hour Special, short term with nice payoff
-Promote around other social networks to drive to FB page.

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