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Summer is here and things are starting to heat up. Many of you, like me, have been working toward various educational goals and could use a breather.

The economy has got many down in their financial situations. What better time to create a new business plan or do some updates and try something fresh?

With so many easy to use tools coming online, you can start an online marketing bonanza in very little time.

This month I've included a simple video creation tool you've probably already seen in use with various clips on YouTube.

Ever wanted to create a quick and easy graph for your blog or webpage? Google has a new tool available in this issue that you can use - HERE AND NOW!

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• Google Chart API
• One True Media
• A FREE Traffic Method
• Internet 2.0 is here
• Facebook Page Success
• Transactional Video

"Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground. There's no greater investment."
-Stephen Covey

The Google Chart API

The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts with a URL string. You can embed these charts on your web page, or download the image for local or offline use.

Look at some charts in the gallery.

Make your own chart online using the chart wizard.

One True Media

You can create customized sales pitches or product demos to market your product on your website or blog using video or still photo images with recorded audio.

Share and post montages to YouTube and Facebook - it's easy! Mix photos and videos with effects.

One True Media provides consumers with easy-to-use tools to mix and share their own video creations. Our mission is to empower you to express yourself in new and creative ways with the media that matters to you most—your own—and to share your creations with your most important network—your customers, family and friends. We bring technology to bear in pursuit of "one true media" which is easy to use, makes the creative process fast, fun and rewarding, enables you with one click to transform your creations into shareable online videos and DVDs and works equally well with most media types and formats.


A FREE Traffic Method ... that WORKS!

by Dave Guindon

Recently, I uploaded a new video on how to get massive free traffic using free tools:

I also review Chris Freville's latest product, Passive Profit Portals, that claims to send you tons of traffic and make you money. Check out my video to see if I approve
this product or if it's just another scam!!

Internet Boom 2.0 is here

By Jenny Harris and Jennifer Rogers

Perhaps the most distinguishing factor from the "It's different this time" litany is that today's web frenzy is global.

In the three years that marked the height of the last boom, 1999 through 2001, the VC industry sank $96.4 billion into web start-ups, with more than 80 percent of that or nearly $78 billion in the United States alone, the Thomson Reuters data show. Of 10,755 VC deals over that run, 7,174 took place in the U.S. market.

Not so today. Of the more than $5 billion of VC money invested so far in 2011, just $1.4 billion has been deployed in U.S. start-ups. according to Thomson Reuters data. Roughly three quarters of the 403 deals have taken place overseas.

Moreover, it is the big deals that as often as not are now happening outside of the United States. Of the 25 biggest consumer Internet deals last year, 15 were non-U.S. investments, according to Quid, a Silicon Valley research start-up that tracks VC investment flows. Nearly half, 12, were Chinese.

The investors as well as the start-ups have an increasingly international flavor. Perhaps the most notable new face among today's Internet king makers is Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, CEO of DST Global. Milner has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Facebook, Groupon and gaming site Zynga. Last month his firm invested $500 million in 360Buy.com, China's biggest business-to-consumer website.


Top 5 Things for Facebook Page Success

from inShare

One question heard often from small business owners is, “How can I get more from my Facebook Page?” What we tell people is that it’s not just about creating a Facebook Page, which is the free public profile that enables you to share your products and services with your customers on an ongoing basis, but also maintaining it. Those who do a good job of maintaining their Page are able to better connect with their current customers and develop relationships with future ones. With millions of people sharing on Facebook every day and learning about new things from their friends, a Facebook Page can make your business part of their conversation. I recently chatted with Morin Oluwole, our resident Pages Associate, about Facebook’s Top Five Tips for maintaining a successful Facebook Page for small businesses.

Promote your Page to your current customers

“The first step you want to take after you have created your Page is to increase the number of connections to your Page by promoting your presence on Facebook to your current customers.” Once they connect to your page, they’ll tell their friends, generating “word-of-mouth” marketing for your company and allowing you to develop relationships with potential new customers.

There are a couple free ways to encourage users to connect to your Page using Facebook tools. One way is to create a Page badge, which allows you to promote your Facebook Page on your website. Your customers can directly click on the badge, taking them to your Page.

For businesses with web expertise, we recommend implementing the Like Box on your website. This deeper integration allows you to gain more connections by giving customers the ability to like your Facebook Page from your website.

Another great way to drive more connections to your Page is to include a link in your newsletters and emails encouraging your subscribers to connect with you on Facebook.

If you are willing to invest in getting more connections, you can also promote your Page on Facebook with Facebook Ads. To learn more about Facebook Ads, click here.

Publish relevant information

“It’s important to build a connection with your customers that they can relate to and easily apply to their daily lives.” Be personal and write in your true voice, and not as a business. Talk about things that are important to you and your customers.

Make sure to provide interesting, fun and relevant updates. For example, if you own a kitchen supply store, consider posting recipes or tips that would be of interest to your customers. Or if you’re a real estate agent, you could post news about home prices in your area or information about local schools or community events.

Many people ask “how many times a week should I publish on my Page?” Morin says, “It depends on the business. For a restaurant, it could make sense for them to publish every day if they want to share a happy hour special or their soup of the day. For a retail business, it probably makes sense to post two to four times a week depending on when you have new updates to share, for example, a new shipment of clothing.”

Talk to your customers

Encourage people to write on your Page – and if you have time, respond to their comments. Morin says, “If one of your customers posts that they love your product, thank them and let them know if you have any similar products launching soon.” If you have a negative post, take time to address it and use it as an opportunity to show that your business is approachable and has a real person behind it.

Calls-to-action are very important to drive more word-of-mouth marketing. If you manage a restaurant and are serving a special menu this weekend, create a post about it on your Page and ask people to tell their friends and share the post.

Also, you can use your Facebook Page to ask your customers for feedback on new products or services you are thinking about rolling out.

Remember to review your Page Insights, which provide aggregated, anonymized statistics about the people who are connected to your Page, including demographic data and how often people are interacting with your Page. This will also help you tailor the content on your Page to those connected to it.

Use photos and videos

Using tools like photos is a great way to make your page more interactive and drives customer loyalty. “Photos and videos are the No. 1 tools used on Pages as they bring your business and products to life,” says Morin. Think about how you can use them in a fun and innovative way. For example, if you own a store and you have a new line of clothing, post photos and invite people to come in. If you manage a restaurant, ask your connections to upload photos of their favorite meal next time they are in the restaurant.

Update your Page anytime, anywhere

“Many people don’t realize that it’s very easy to update your Facebook Page when you are on the road.” Facebook has a custom email that Page Administrators can use to post photos or videos directly to their Page.

Ways to bring customers in your door today

Many businesses don't realize what an immediate impact strategically executed Facebook posts can have on their day-to-day business. Here are some additional great tips on how to use Facebook to drive foot traffic to your store or restaurant: www.famefoundry.com/13-sure-fire-ways-to-bring-customers-in-your-door-today.

seriously social

Check out my fan page for 25 more detailed tips that will make your Facebook page stand out from the average page and convert fan page visitors into fans and customers


vADz.com Transactional Video

One idea is to use Transactional Video on your page. Video is 2X to 3X more engaging than static text or display; greater engagment means greater conversion and sales.

It's easily done with vADz, the low-cost VideoCoupon and VideoAd application which enables SMBs to create, mix, enhance, store and serve Video messages and to add eCommerce.....and creates a shortened vADzLink to use in Direct Marketing using Text Messaging, eMails, Tweets, on Facebook and other social media.