5 Steps to Building a Better Blog

Step 1: Create an Amazing About Page
A Persuasive, Benefit-Driven Headline
shows what you and your site can do for them.

A Short, Reassuring Benefit-Driven Introduction
to learn how your site can help them.

Reassure your readers that they’re in the right place.
Tell them exactly what your site will give them, and what it will do for them.

Social Proof, Testimonials, And Other Reassurance
promises and reader-focused copy, adding a few testimonials, and reassurance will help your readers realize they’re in the right place.

Your Personal Story.
Share your personal story, remember, people are there to learn about you and what you can do for them. Share information about your personal life—like marriage, kids, and etc.
That’s one way you can bond with people who visit your site.

The Closer,
ask people to take some form of action when they’re done reading your content.
You can launch into a description of some of your products or services.
You can also ask them to subscribe to your blog.

Step 2: Fix Your Blog’s Sidebar
#1 A Persuasive Call-To-Action
either put an email sign up form at the top or an ad

#2 Links to Resource Pages
Link to your best, information-packed resource pages
right below your main call to action.

#3 Links to Popular Articles

What NOT to Put In Your Blog Sidebar
#1 Stinkin’ Badges
You might include a badge of some marketing award,
but unless people know who issues that award, chances are they don’t care.
However, if you get recognition from something like Time magazine, or Forbes,
or something major like that, a badge from their site might be worth while.

#2 Your Twitter Stream
If you put your Twitter stream in your sidebar, you’re sending people away from site.
That’s backwards, avoid the Twitter stream at all costs.

#3 Links to every social media profile
If you present every single social media profile that you have on your sidebar, people won’t click on any of them.
So, instead, pick one or two social media networks to promote, and only link to them.
(Personally, I’m against linking to social media websites at all on your sidebar, but in some industries I recognize this is necessary. Especially if you’re dealing with business to consumer).

Step 3: Write your articles with keywords in mind…
The goal is to take your regular content, and just keep a keyword in the back of your mind while you’re writing it.
Don’t use the keywords for the sake of using the keywords.
For example, having h2 tags surrounding your headlines on your home page… and h1 tags surrounding your headlines on your single post pages.

Step 4: Start using a Feature Box
Feature box comes with opt-in forms to join a list, get access to an offer, or email updates on a subject.
Add a Feature Box above both the content and the sidebar on our home page only.
Inside that feature box, we offered our free ebook

Step 5: Create your first resource page
It’s not a category page, as a category page shows all of your articles.
A resource page is a HAND-SELECTED group of articles around a specific topic.

First, create a landing page.

Second, include both a persuasive headline and introductory content before throwing people into an article list.

Simple Step-By-Step Formula For Creating Resource Pages
Scour through your blog’s archives, and find your best content around that key phrase you’d like to rank for. Write those links down, and proceed on…
Prepare a persuasive headline that encourages people to read your resource page. Don’t just use your key phrase. Use a real headline.
Craft compelling copy to introduce people to your resource page. Talk about a potential problem, and position your hand-selected articles as the solution.
Actually create the WordPress page, and paste your headline, introductory content, and links to your articles in the page.
Change the permalink of your page to match the key phrase you’d like to rank for.

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Social Media Shows Creativity

When it comes to social networking and job search, creativity thrives.

A CNN article gives a wonderful example of a creative use of the social media site Pinterest as a resume. Rachael King, a community engagement professional for Adobe, created the "living resume," which is a collection of high points in her career. The living resume provides King a visual representation of the work she’s done that’s much more exciting to sift through than bulleted list on a resume.

Tumblr is another visual social media site ideal for photographers and artists looking for jobs.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive More YouTube Views

BY Steve Young
Do you want more people to watch your videos?

Have you thought of integrating your YouTube channel with your Pinterest account?

When you combine the power of YouTube with Pinterest, you can boost your business, increase your subscribers and increase your video views.

Watch the video here:

How To Write Amazon Product Reviews In Under 2 Minutes

BY Ryan Martin

Most of the over $100k in Amazon commissions I've earned have come from product review websites. The only problem is that writing the product reviews can be tedious and downright boring.

What if there was an easier way?

Scroll down the page to watch a demo video:
Introducing Azon Insta Review

Two experienced Amazon marketers created this WordPress plugin designed to help save you tons of time. You can literally get a unique product review in less than two minutes by pulling information from Amazon. Plus it's all unique and unspun!

And that's not all...
Azon Insta Review also allows you to create custom banners for your sites in less than two minutes. Add some text, an image, change the background color and you are all set to increase your traffic to Amazon listings.

How To Get a Million readers in 11 months with MagCast

Today, we show you the cool tool that allowed our MagCasters to get to 1,000,000 readers in just 11 months.

We talk about templates, getting content, the new forums, Google Play and Magazines, What Should and Should not be in your first issue in this video:

Apple Newsstand Publishing using MagCast Q & A chat with Daniel Hall:

Driving Traffic with Your Market Stats Tools

Real Estate Blogger, Colleen Kulikowski, and Virtual Results Support Manager, Leah Marks, discuss the benefits and uses of the Market Stats tools in driving traffic to a realtor or property investment site.

Colleen has years of experience blogging on her real estate sites and has been successful at getting many buyers and sellers from those efforts.

With a little planning you can drive significant traffic to your website. Today, Market Reports are the backbone of my website. The good news is that good content doesn’t have to be complicated!

In July of 2006, I wrote my first post. I labored for days on what I was going to first write about.  Once I decided on Market Reports, it took me a couple of hours to create a simple market report.   Today I maintain more than 80 market reports and each one takes me less than 5 minutes to update.

These market reports are some of the most popular posts on my site and they can be on yours too!  A small investment in time on your part can pay you big dividends in the future. Market reports are simple to create and update.  Run some stats off of your MLS (or other info source site) and publish. Just remember to give credit and use a disclaimer if required. To get you started, here is the format I use (see the live report here). Feel free to use it as a template.

Watch the demo video here:


Driving Website Traffic with Market Reports

By Colleen Kulikowski

 A great idea for realtors, property investors or anyone with access to dynamic source information.

With a little planning you can drive significant traffic to your website.  Today, Market Reports are the backbone of my website.

Not sure where to start? I have been in your shoes wondering, “where am I going to start to build content for my site?” I get it!  It can be overwhelming to create effective posts.

You want a great real estate resource for potential home buyers and sellers. The good news is that good content doesn’t have to be complicated!

Read a step-by-step guide and see an example here: