NOW is the time...
to get your eBay and Internet money
machine ready to blow your competition off the

The New Year and first quarter are the best time
of the year to pick up product at pennies on the
dollar! This is the time of the year that many of
you will say, I wish I would have got started
last year - please don't say that next year -
Start right now!

Make it the best year you have ever had.

Most people don't know this but the fourth
quarter is going to be about 40% of your annual
business and the first quarter of the year will
be about 30%. So the next six months could create
a virtual windfall of profits for you. You need
to have that competitive edge and I can provide
that for you. I know from the incredible
experience of hundreds of students that it takes
approximately 3 months to get a student educated
enough to really make a full time living on eBay
and the internet.

So get started right now!

There are classes to be taken, websites to be
built,samples to be ordered, etc. It's time for
action, stop procrastinating. There really is no
short cut.

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need hands-on guidance and the more knowledge
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you finally discover that going it alone is
the hard way.


* Brainstorm on a product niche.
* How to market your existing or new website
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I believe that I am a leader in the auction
training industry. Primarily due to the
testimonials I've received. You may have
wondered into the site to harvest information
to help in your success and we welcome you.
There are a lot of information gatherers out
there. Some of us like the exploration process
and some prefer to define their goals and
follow the steps to success.

Many students have already spent $1,000's of
dollars on programs, software, books, products,
etc. before they came to me. It's the nature
of the beast to try.

It always looks easier than it is. I don't
guarantee you will make $1,000,000 the first
year, but I can guarantee that I can cut years
off your learning curve and create a successful
online business for you.

If you are prepared to stop dreaming and reading
about auction success stories you are in the
right place.

How much money it makes is up to the amount of
time YOU invest. I have the tools and knowledge
to make your venture a success.

Start taking the initial classes on my
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You begin to develop your niche and start
sending for free product samples and catalogs
from direct sources- no middleman!

Start using our automation auction tools to see
if anyone is selling these product for more or
less than your projections suggest you might sell
them for. It's all about profit margins here.
This is very important as you continue to build
your success with your own product niche. A
product that you may not even know your going
to sell yet! You want a product that has great
re-order and/or up-sell potential.

You will begin creating your website/blog with a
newsletter, affiliate programs, shopping cart,

Continue with intermediate courses on the
Your Website CD:
(Driving Traffic, Search Engine Placement/SEO,
Additional Revenue Streams From Your Site).

Now you start with promoting your site adding
like-minded links/products and completing your
internet presence.

You should also be starting to receive money
from affiliate merchants posted on your site.
Again this is an action step - no action -
no return!

The above is a basic blueprint for the start up

You may be an inventor, a stay at home mom, a
writer, teacher or a retired veteran we have
made successful internet entrepreneurs out of
all of you.

Thank you for stopping buy and reviewing the
site. We appreciate your input.

Have a Successful New Year,
Coach Danny


- New Product Sources for January
- Internet Archive Wayback Machine
- Auction Management systems
- Jump on Google Base
- Find Out What's In Demand

"A prudent person profits from personal experience,
a wise one from the experience of others."

-Dr. Joseph Collins

New Product Sources for January


www.kingwholesale.com - pet supplies
www.backstagefashion.com - licensed concert items
www.blueridgeknives.com - knives


Welcome to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

The Internet Archive is building a digital library
of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in
digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free
access to researchers, historians, scholars,
and the general public.

About the Wayback Machine

Have you found a website that a search engine says,

Want to go back and find an old schedule or
posting that is no longer online at a website?

You can back and see old websites that no longer
exist just by entering in the URL.

Browse through 85 billion web pages archived from
1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the
Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page
where you would like to start, and press enter.
Then select from the archived dates available.
The resulting pages point to other archived pages
at as close a date as possible.

Keyword searching is not currently supported.


Auction Management systems are essential tools to
be used with your auction business and should be
seriously considered once you are listing more than
10 items per week. It is important to test these
systems before committing to one service and the
majority of them offer a free trial period for you
to evaluate the service.

In a previous issue of here and NOW, we introduced
eBay'sTurbo Lister. some students have used other
services that they preferred. Below you will find
links to several of the other major management

Auctiva is the only simple & free online auction
software for eBay sellers. Free image hosting.
Free auction ad templates to make your auction
stand out. Free scheduling. Free online auction
software. Free storefront and a great looking
scrolling gallery of your other items.







Many of these offer FREE use of their management
systems. They also provide image hosting services.

These are just some of the available systems on
the market currently that have been recommended
to me by other students and users.


Jump on Google Base

Google's new database, where you can upload just
about any kind of information you would like -
for free.

The default categories you can specify include
recipes, wanted ads, reviews, and your products!

Writing each listing and uploading it takes only
minutes - much faster than your average eBay
auction. And if you have a lot of listings, Google
Base has a bulk listing capability.

PowerSeller Andy Mowery said that Google Base was
what the eBay PowerSeller community had been
waiting for.

While you're not permitted to include a hyperlink
to an off-eBay site within your eBay auctions,
there's no such prohibition with Google Base
listings. Link away! So within their product
listings, PowerSellers included links to their
web stores, where transactions could be completed.

Many more sellers may see it as another important
weapon to include in their selling arsenals.
If so, eBay watch out!


Find Out What's In Demand

eBay's Seller Central is your source for the latest
tips, tools, information, and resources for selling
on eBay!

There, you can find detailed lists of products that
were in high demand from the previous month by
seeing What's Hot.

Hot Items by Category
Hot...Very Hot…Super Hot! Discover which categories
and products are on fire—where bid to item ratios
are high and demand is outpacing supply!

They list products and categories within eBay's
top level such as Clothing, Shoes and Accessories;
Collectibles; Computers; Consumer Electronics;
Cameras & Photo; Cell Phones & Portable Electronics;
Home & Living, Home Improvement and Crafts; Jewelry,
Gems & Watches; Musical Instruments; Sporting Goods;
and Toys & Hobbies.

This comprehensive approach will help provide you
with a useful list of specific products and
categories that will be hot for selling. Of course,
no predictive approach is perfect; given the
market, there can be no guarantee that any
particular product or category will be hot at any
particular time.

Holiday Hot List
The eBay Merchandising team create this list of
products they think will be in high demand and short
supply for holiday gift giving.

eBay Pulse
Track trends, hot picks, and other cool stuff,
including: top searches, most watched items, and
other little known facts about eBay.

Having trouble finding something about or on eBay
in this article or something else? Then, try using
eBay's Help to "Search the Help pages" and answer
your questions.

We hope this information will be helpful to you
in developing effective selling strategies.


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